Contract opportunities

BHP’s Jansen project is committed to providing opportunities for local and Indigenous suppliers

BHP’s Jansen project recognizes the importance of its suppliers and is committed to providing opportunities to participate in Jansen’s supply chain, including opportunities specific to local and Indigenous suppliers.

Interested in becoming a supplier?

The following databases are utilized and reviewed by the project’s Contracts and Procurement Team to identify suitable businesses when developing the potential list of contractors for a specific scope of work. Please register with one of the databases below to be included in the competitive bid process.

Please do not contact BHP or HBJV for confirmation of registration.

Before registering, please read BHP Minimum Requirements for Suppliers which sets minimum health, safety, environment, community and business conduct requirements. Adherence to the Minimum Requirements for Suppliers is a pre-requisite for doing business with BHP.

Export Logo (Transparent)


A Skills Inventory and Vendor registration database that has been developed by the Saskatchewan First Nations Natural Resource Centre of Excellence. Note: This database was created specifically for the registration of Indigenous-owned businesses.

SISMA Logo (Transparent)


The Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association is a non-profit organization representing more than 250 Saskatchewan-based supplier members providing goods and services to the industrial, mining, and energy sectors.

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The Mid-Sask Municipal Alliance searchable database works to strengthen local procurement within the Mid-Sask region.


The HBJV database focuses on companies outside Saskatchewan.

More information about becoming a supplier

One of the most effective ways to get involved with the Jansen project is to become a primary contractor or a subcontractor for a company that has already been awarded contracts.

Companies looking to provide sub-contracting services can be found in the list of current companies onsite at the Jansen project or use the information provided in the “Awarded Contracts” section to get in touch with companies.

The process to Become a Supplier can last between nine (9) and twelve (12) months, depending on the scope of work and the complexity associated with that work, along with the commercial model proposed.


Below is a general, step-by-step guide for businesses who want to Become a Supplier:

1. Register and create profiles

Businesses must register and create profiles on all the applicable databases to be included in the competitive bid process. The Contracts & Procurement Team actively uses these databases to identify suitable businesses when developing a potential list of contractors for a specific scope of work. It is important to ensure that your business’ complete capabilities are represented in these databases as word searches are used to start the development of potential suppliers and contractors to conduct pre-qualification activities. The databases are as follows:

  • EXPORT – Indigenous individuals and businesses
  • MSMA (Mid-Sask Municipal Alliance) – East-central Saskatchewan businesses
  • SIMSA (Saskatchewan Industrial & Mining Suppliers Association) – Saskatchewan-based companies
  • HBJV (Hatch-Bantrel Joint Venture – Businesses located outside of Saskatchewan
2. Pre-qualification

The pre-qualification process involves information gathering and assessment to determine a contractor’s technical capability, capacity, resources, management processes, and performance. The following information will be required for pre-qualification:

  • Minimum three years of financial statements
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization) quality standards
  • Health and safety statistics, including but not limited to:
    • Environment
    • Quality
    • Socio-economic
    • Industry Relations
  • Company structure
  • Capabilities
  • Adherence to BHP Minimum Requirements for Suppliers
3. Competitive bidding process

Following the pre-qualification process, successful suppliers and contractors will be asked to participate in a competitive bidding process. Information contained in delivered proposals will help the Contracts and Procurement Team determine the following: 

  • Contractor’s ability to carry out the defined Scope of Work
  • Manpower
  • Adherence to Commercial Terms and Conditions
  • Equipment skill set amongst other items specific to the Scope of Work.
4. Proposal evaluation and short-listing

Proposals are evaluated by HBJV to meet contract requirements and to provide a short list to BHP. Although contracts are awarded by HBJV, BHP provides direction how to proceed. Successful vendors need to register on BHP’s Global Contract Management System (GCMS).

Once work has been awarded, contracts will receive an email from, BHP’s vendor onboarding team, requiring vendors to register in the GCMS system. Vendors will have five days to start the vendor registration process, or the link will expire.

5. Contract awarded

Contract is awarded, and execution and mobilization dates are confirmed.

Interested in becoming a sub-contractor?

Companies looking to provide subcontracting services can find the list of the current companies on-site at Jansen below, or use the information on the awarded contracts to get in touch with companies who have recently been awarded work.